Have you seen those ads lately on IG or Facebook talking about how they can get you featured in Forbes, Inc., ABC News, Fox News, The NY Post, The Daily Sun, and more? 

Fuck that guy. I met with him. He wants $10,000 per month. No seriously. And there there is thie one (below)  they will get you featured in Forbes magazine only, for the amazingly crazy price of $18,500. Yes you read that right.



Most of these companies don’t even accept adult clients, so then how are all these OnlyFans girls getting featured in stories for BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast, The NY Post, Gawker, LadBible, The Sun, and more?

The PR companies I mentioned earlier are charging anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 per month and that’s just the starting rate. No for real, you can Google it. That’s really what they are charging. But you wanna know a secret? It really only cost like $1800. Not, $18,000 — the real cost is only $1,800.


Want to get IG verified?

This is real mainstream press, and it’s usually enough to qualify you to be Instagram verified because its real media coverage. It really does only cost about $1,800, and that’s a one-time fee. More often than not, your story is picked up by multiple mainstream media outlets, not just one or two. The cost doesn’t go up per outlet either. That’s just an added bonus. 

All of these OnlyFans girls are getting featured because they know the right person with the right connections, and I want to give that to you. If you want to know how all of these OnlyFans girls are getting featured on sites like The New York Post, BuzzFeed, The Daily Beast, and The Daily Sun, I’ll show you. Heck, I’ll even help you draft your story and hook you up with my secret connection.

That’s just another benefit of being in my inner circle.

I feel like transparency is important so let’s go over the fine print: (1) You must have a legitimate story for this to work. You can’t just be like oh, I make money on OnlyFans. You need a “hook,” but if you don’t have one, I can sit down with you and help you come up with some options.  (2) I don’t personally provide you with this service. I help you coordinate it with people who specialize in mainstream media coverage. They charge a fee of £1500. You will pay the fee to them directly. They will then sit down with you and draft a newsworthy story, which I’ll have helped you with previously to flesh out. They will need 5 to 7 photos to use, and it really helps if you have some short video clips (TikTok style), although this is not a 100% requirement. If, however, you provide this, it often helps you get additional coverage you might not have previously gotten. (3) This company won’t guarantee you any amount of coverage. They will tell you what they think, and if they can’t get your story published, they won’t take your money. They typically tell you upfront that your story just won’t work, but they will try and help you come up with an alternative. If they do take you on as a client, then that means they already know they will get you at least some mainstream media coverage. How much depends on your story. Some stories go viral, and it gets everywhere. Sometimes, however, you’ll only get picked up by one or two, maybe three places. Every story is different. Every person is different. The better your story, the more likely people are to want to run it. (4) Your press coverage doesn’t end with them running your story with a few media outlets. Always put a PR email address in your Twitter and/or IG bio just prior to your original story getting published. If you do this, oftentimes, other news outlets will contact you directly for their own story on you. This is how we got one girl featured two days on the front page of So pay close attention to your DMs when your story first goes live. (5) If you want to get IG verified, about two or three weeks after your original story has been published and the media has run its course, we run it through a US newswire service which typically costs another $50 to $150. This typically gets you picked up by local news companies like local Fox News and ABC News affiliates.  Then you wait for another two weeks (or about that0 and THEN apply for IG verification, providing your best news links. Two is fine, but ideally, you want to provide them with as many quality news stories about you as possible. So gather the links from all the big places that run the story about you and save those links for later. This is why we also run the local newswire because even if you only got picked up by like the Sun and maybe the New York Post, you’ll still have some of the local news affiliates to fall back on, and that bolsters your notoriety with Instagram.  As long as your stories are less than six months old, they qualify for verification purposes. (6) Yes, you can do this more than once, but don’t think you’ll be able to keep using this to do in the news every week even if you have all the money in the world to spend. Mainstream media agencies will only pick up a couple of stories a year about you, so pick your BEST stories about yourself for the initial pitch meeting and let them agency tell you which ones will get you the best coverage. Ideally, you only ever need one good story for it to go crazy and get you tons of media attention. (7) I get paid no money for helping you hook this up. I am not an affiliate of any of these media companies. I’ve just been around a long time and work with a lot of the right people. (8) There are times that the reports contact me directly and ask if I know any porn stars or OnlyFans girls who want to comment on a story they are doing about something (usually sex-related or dating-related topics), and in those cases, I always ask the people in my coaching class first if they want to be featured. That is free. I do that about 3 to 4 times a year for various media outlets, including BuzzFeed, Gawker, and The Daily Beast. Moving forward, I’m only including people who are part of my coaching group to be included in these articles. Sorry but I have to give them priority.